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Watch A.Gee break a world record along side BBC 1Xtra

Summer of 2010 A.Gee was one of the DJs who beat the DJ relay World record with BBC 1Xtra along with fellow DJ and producer legends such as, Mark Ronson, Trevor Nelson, Benji B, MJ Cole, Mark Rae and Wooki. Watch the video

Watch A.Gee alongside A-Listers Will Smith and Thandie Newton

A year after starting up, Rapshack.co.uk was awarded an enterprising award from The Prince's Trust for the best business in it's region. The owner, Adam had a chance to flex his other skill, Scratching and DJing before A-List celebrities such as Will Smith, Thandie Newton and Joanna Lumley. Watch the video

Watch A.Gee perform a DJ rountine in a Medieval church

A.Gee performs a DJ routine for a film student, filmed in a Medieval church. Watch the video

Watch A.Gee rocking a party Hip Hop set

A Hoochinoo DJ event in East London.Watch the video

Watch A.Gee perform Boom Bap Hip Hop set opening up for Lewis Parker

Hoochinoo present Lewis Parker - London A.Gee opening set.Watch the video

Watch A.Gee in the DMC UK Team Finals

In 2003 A.Gee & his DJ partner made it to the DMC UK Team finals. Watch the video

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